Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vintage clothing is beyond old used clothes!

My love for vintage clothing goes back to my teens even before being associated with VintFlea. I spent a chunk of my teen years hunting for vintage stores for treasures, and then I finally got the opportunity and the perfect environment to be associated with one.
Today proud to be a part of the team at VintFlea, an online marketplace for “Vintage” and “Vintage Inspired” products, created 2 years ago with a vision to ‘bring the global consumer closer to Indian products’.

Owing to lack of understanding many people often perceive vintage clothes as old and used being ignorant of their value. Against this back drop, I would like to pen down my thoughts as to why vintage clothes are beyond old used clothes.

Uncompromised quality: The superior quality of vintage clothing is plainly matchless to that of present-day clothing, leaving aside the premium luxury designers. Today clothing is cheaper to make but usually never cheaper to have, and certainly it is by wearing vintage that you stand the opportunity to possess and feel true luxury construction at an affordable and below luxury price. Skilfully crafted garment are sure to attract and flatter you!
Exclusivity: Be assured of exclusive product when you invest in something like a vintage saree, that there are no replicas. In fact this is why vintage clothing is popular among celebrities. There is a sense of pride when you posses something that nobody else in this world owns. Every piece is a treasure!

Every garment has a story to it!:  The mystery and history of Vintage clothing is the actual charm of wearing it. What is more exciting is that every vintage garment has a story which helps you form images of its past life.

The clothing has a soul: Vintage clothing is simply beyond "old used clothes." It is has greater significance than clothes which have never been worn. It carries history, has artistic value, and the stories of those who have come before us. Hence being a possessor of these vintage clothes and fashion means keeping those people and those histories and that artistry alive.

To conclude, wearing vintage clothing is to be wrapped in romance of the bygone era. Vintage clothing is definitely exceptional.

About VintFlea

VintFlea is an online marketplace for “Vintage” and “Vintage Inspired” products was created 2 years ago with a vision to ‘bring the global consumer closer to Indian products’. At ‘VintFlea’ we curate and sell India’s most beautiful products at the most competitive prices through our kitty of in-house brands namely Trove, Revamp, The shoe Trunk, Trinkets and The Hue cottage.
Today VintFlea boasts of one of the largest curated collections of DIY, Vintage, Vintage Inspired and Up-Cycled products spanning across Craft Supplies, Clothing, Home decor, Shoes, Bags & Accessories.
At VintFlea we envision creating one of the largest networks of virtual shops spanning across various glocal marketplaces.
At VintFlea ‘e-glocalization’ is at the heart of everything that we do. We are storytellers with a difference. We curate, extract history, bundle, re-invent and create glocalized stories about the products for the global consumer.

Author: Ankita Rai (Storyteller, VintFlea)


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