Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Handicrafts are artistic and innovative products made by the expertise of the hand which does not take help of contemporary machinery and equipment. These days, hand-made products are used as an item of luxury setting their own fashion statement.

The prosperous cultural heritage and centuries of evolutionary beliefs and practices in India is visible by the colossal variety of handicrafts made across the country. Handicrafts are a reflection of the artistic personality of the cultural people. Over the years, handicrafts made in different regions of the country have maintained their sophistication like the Kashmiri woolen carpets, Zari embroidered fabrics, terracotta and ceramic products, silk fabrics etc. Basis the historical evidences, we are aware of the fact that these handicrafts were exported even in the ancient times, to far off countries of Europe, Africa, West Asia and Far East via the 'silk route'. The crafts bear the magnetic appeal of the Indian culture that assures exclusivity, attractiveness, dignity and chic.

Popularity of handicrafts in India
India is famous for its way of life. As much as art and culture goes, India is known to be among the culturally loaded countries in the world. With some highly skilled artisans, the fame of Indian handicrafts across the globe has increased. Handicraft accounts as the main source of income for many people residing in rural areas.

Types of handicrafts in India
Indian handicrafts are very popular internationally and various kinds of handicrafts are manufactured in this hub. Highlighted below are a few kinds:
Bamboo Handicrafts: Different items made using bamboo are dolls, baskets, furniture, toys, mats, wall-hangings, umbrella handles, crossbows, jewelry boxes and many more. These are mainly made in West Bengal, Assam and Tripura.

Weaving or Embroidery Handicrafts:  Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan find prevalence in this art form. Bandhanis the popular and well in demand form of weaving, and is done in Jamnagar and Rajkot.

Cane Handicrafts: Utilitarian objects such as trays, baskets, stylish furniture and many more are made from cane. Vellore district (Tamil Nadu) is known for cane handicrafts in India.

Brass Handicrafts:  A specialty of Rajasthan, items made of brass such as crawling Krishna, Lord Ganesha's figure, table tops, perforated lamps, ornament boxes, toys, wine glasses, plates and many more finds extensive usage.

Bell Metal Handicrafts: The hard form of bronze, often used to make bells, is referred as bell metal. Items such as vermilion boxes, bowls, candle stands, pendants and many more are made from bell metal. Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Assam and Manipur states specialize in this craft.

Jute Handicrafts:  Wide array of jute crafts comprise of bags, bangles, jewelry, footwear, decoration items such as wall hangings and many more. West Bengal, Assam and Bihar lead this market.

Bone and Horn Handicrafts: Originally hailed from the state of Odisha, the bone and horn handicrafts are popular for making animal figures, pen stands, ornaments, cigarette cases, table lamps, pepper and salt sets, chess sets and many more. This art form is prevalent in Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh.

Additionally, other form of handicrafts prevalent in India includes:

  • Glass Handicrafts
  • Stone Handicrafts
  • Wood Handicrafts
  • Kiritams Handicrafts
  • Metal Handicrafts
  • Painting
  • Clay Handicrafts or Pottery
  • Marble Handicrafts
  • Rock Handicrafts
  • Lace or Zari Handicrafts
  • Shell Handicraft
  • Leather Handicrafts
  • Enamel Handicrafts